What about Cinderella?

In the media and the public, Cinderella has been depicted to be a weak representation of a woman. When in reality, we are seeing a woman who has suffered deep emotional and psychological abuse for most of her life, trying to keep a good self esteem and succeed. Cinderella had her parents die at a... Continue Reading →


Artificial Intelligence

My team in my INF103 class put together a little presentation about a little something called artificial intelligence. The presentation is very vague, but you can contact me if you have any question through Direct Messages or twitter which you can find below. Here's the presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/AngelTorres302/inteligencia-artificial-122423910 Here is the link for the presentation on... Continue Reading →


Last year, me and my country had a hurricane called Maria, when it was announced I thought it wasn't gonna be as bad as it was. I remember we were getting food, water and gas, for hours at a time. Me personally I didn't have much damage, that didn't make it much less upsetting. When... Continue Reading →

Trapped in a Web

[fotoFACEBOOK Illustrations IF YOU USE THIS IMAGE!! Please post the link below. Thanks!!!!,Paul Walsh, Licencia CC] I'm n seot saying the internet is bad, but it has created a sense of addiction to us. We've come to the moment where it's a necessary tool in our lives, most of the times more than a tool.... Continue Reading →

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