The end of a chapter

Well, we have com to an end to the computing class posts. The semester is over and I don't have to upload computing projects anymore. I'll be honest I didn't do my absolute best on this project. At first it was very difficult to stay consistent on every post and project. I had a bumpy... Continue Reading →


AI and Robotics for Education

As the final project of the semester, the class combined three groups together to create a presentation combining the three topics. Here we show how AI and robotics can be used in education, showing the different aspects of it and how can we be a part of it. Here I have the document and the... Continue Reading →


Feedly is a news website that compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. You can find various familiar sites, Youtube channels and follow their news feed. These are some of the news feeds that I've subscribe to. 500px is a photography feed where it gives... Continue Reading →

What about Cinderella?

In the media and the public, Cinderella has been depicted to be a weak representation of a woman. When in reality, we are seeing a woman who has suffered deep emotional and psychological abuse for most of her life, trying to keep a good self esteem and succeed. Cinderella had her parents die at a... Continue Reading →


Last year, me and my country had a hurricane called Maria, when it was announced I thought it wasn't gonna be as bad as it was. I remember we were getting food, water and gas, for hours at a time. Me personally I didn't have much damage, that didn't make it much less upsetting. When... Continue Reading →

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