What about Cinderella?

In the media and the public, Cinderella has been depicted to be a weak representation of a woman. When in reality, we are seeing a woman who has suffered deep emotional and psychological abuse for most of her life, trying to keep a good self esteem and succeed.

Cinderella had her parents die at a very young age and had to resort to living with her step family without a choice. Taking advantage of a child where the abuse starts.  The fact that she went through all the abuse and still maintained a good self esteem are the traits of a strong woman.

In fact, it’s stated that she didn’t go to the party to meet the prince she just wanted an escape of her daily toxic routine. You can notice as she is the only one not rushing to see him and is just enjoying herself admiring the castle and the scenery.

Many people go through this type of scenario, that’s why Cinderella is considered one of the most realistic depictions of a woman in Disney. It’s all about removing the supernatural aspect and you have a girl struggling with abuse and is trying to get by. It’s such a relatable state that Disneychannel produced the A Cinderella Story trilogy, which is the same story but based on the real world. Even Though it’s a more fantastic film because it was made for children you can see a somewhat reality in it.

In the presentation I included a comparison between the original 1950 animated film and the 2015 live adaptation. Where you can slightly see the change of message. In the original, it’s message is more inspirational, where the live adaptation is felt more relatable. The animated film showed a woman who was actually unhappy with her life and was trying to get through life by being positive. Where in the life adaptation it made it seem like she was dealing with the situation because of her own choice. You can clearly see this specifically in the scene where Lady Tremaine locks her in her room so she won’t have the chance to fit the glass slipper at marry the prince. In the original, Cinderella does everything in her power to escape, even if it’s represented in a supernatural more magical way by making her talk to the animals, that doesn’t defeat the purpose of the scene where it shows a woman fighting for what was rightfully hers. It doesn’t mean she always from the beginning wanted the prince, but he was looking for her and the glass slipper was hers, it was her right to go to the fitting, which it also symbolized her freedom from her horrible life. In the 2015 adaptation, she did nothing, and was willing to give up on not just her dreams, but rightfully deserved freedom. Where in reality, it is more possible for a person to take that action in such situation, making it relatable.

But observing the message, it talks about having hope and not losing faith when you’re in a bad state in life where you don’t have control. Coincidentally, the film was released in 1950, five years after World War 2 ended. The message was perfect for a country that was stuck in deep despair because  of a horrible situation that no one could control. Making its purpose to inspire people to have hope for a better tomorrow and fight for a better future when they had the chance.

Here it’s the full presentation:

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Here is a video which also covers the topic of Cinderella being a strong woman rather than a just a simple character. Thank you to ScreenPrism on Youtube for providing this video and helpful information. If you like the video and would also like more, you should check them out at their Youtube channel, ScreenPrism.

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