Trapped in a Web


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I’m n seot saying the internet is bad, but it has created a sense of addiction to us. We’ve come to the moment where it’s a necessary tool in our lives, most of the times more than a tool. The internet has become a life style. Everyday its less considered as a tool, but at the same time society has forced people to rely on the internet. Where now it’s the only vehicle for success or even security.


It has been researched that human beings have created a real addiction to using the web. So far it has been reported that 6% of the population are suffering of addiction of the internet. Studies have shown that it creates cognitive and neural effects similar to substance abuse.


Part of this problem is the link it has with pop culture. In a way it is also an addiction to society standards and media, which pushes us to stay connected. Big companies and even the general public bombard us with new information every second. Exposed to such quantities of information create a sense of obligation. Obligation in the sense that anything on the internet is important. Things need to go viral, challenges need to be executed, all for a sense of belonging. in fact, even if participating is not in order, just observing gives the sense of belonging. Creating problems like depression and anxiety. Because real life interacting has become harder over time, people feel forced to rely on the web.



Although the internet is an exceptional tool, it has become a problem for human functioning in society. Which we need to work on, but there is a chance for a balance in to better our society.

For more information on the topic or if you feel like you might me suffering from this problem, here are some links to help you understand better the issue.



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